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Essex Marina General Rules 2022

Rules & Regulations

1. The following activities shall be prohibited at the space, on the Vessel and in the Marina: the making of any fire; use or storage of any flammable materials (other than gasoline in the Vessel fuel tanks and lubricants and solvents kept in proper containers aboard the Vessel); use of paint burners; charcoal or gas barbecues; hanging of cloths, bathing suits, towels or other clothing; display of “for sale” or any other commercial signage without expressed permission from the Marina; loud or offensive behavior; loud playing of televisions, radios, or other audio equipment; storage of any gear or equipment on the piers, docks, ramps and common areas; discharge of oils, fuels, lubricants, sewage, solvents or finishes into the Marina basins or on the Marina docks or in the Marina trash receptacles.

2. The Marina reserves the right to utilize any vacant space for transient dockage of other Vessels in the event that the Boat Owners Vessel is away from the space and so notifies the Marina. The Boat Owner shall notify the Marina anytime the Vessel is expected to be away from the space for any overnight period.

3. When in proximity of the Marina, the Boat Owner shall operate the Vessel with due care and at speeds no greater than 5 miles per hour so as to avoid injury to any person and so as to avoid damage to other vessels, property, the space, and the Marina.

4. The Marina reserves the right to amend or modify these regulations as it sees fit. Upon providing a written notice to the Boat Owner, any such modifications shall become part of Dockage/Storage Contract.

5. A service fee will be charged for securing improperly tied up boats, although the Marina assumes no obligation to properly tie up any boats. All dock lines are to be supplied by Boat Owner and maintained in good condition and replaced when necessary.

6. All children must be accompanied by adults. Children under the age of 12 must wear life jackets while on or around dock areas.

7. Pets shall be kept on leash at all times. Pet waste MUST be picked up by the Owner immediately and properly disposed of.

8. Fueling of boats at the marina is forbidden and will result in immediate loss of Marina privileges without any refund.

9. All skiffs and tenders must be stored on board larger vessels and not at the docks, unless written permission is given from the Marina.

10. No swimming, diving, skin diving or fishing is allowed in the Marina.

11. The Dockage/Storage Contract provides a mere license to use an assigned space for the storage of the boat for the term specified. This license is revocable by the Marina for reasons set forth in the Terms and Conditions as well as these regulations.

12. The Marina may measure all vessels for accurate billing purposes. The LOA or total length of all vessels will be measured to include any pulpits, swim platforms and/or similar protrusions or extensions.

13. At the close of the summer season, any vessel remaining in the water at Essex Marina after October 15 is subject to a fee of $50.00 per day until said vessel is removed.

14. Parking is permitted in the designated areas. Please park responsibly.

15. The Marina provides for disposal of hazardous materials, such as batteries and used oil. Owners shall check with the Marina office before disposing of any hazardous materials for guidance about the appropriate method. In certain circumstances, charges may apply for disposal of hazardous materials. Bottom Paint is considered hazardous material and needs to be collected via a tarp and disposed of properly. Engine Fluids, such as anti-freeze, is also considered hazardous material and needs to be captured and disposed of properly. Disposal of any materials in an inappropriate manner or without consultation of the Marina office may result in the immediate termination of this contract. Storage of hazardous materials will not be allowed at space locations.

16. All garbage is to be properly disposed of in the dumpster provided in the Marina. DO NOT dispose of batteries and oil in the dumpster – see Marina office for proper disposal.

17. We have made a concerted effort to rid the property and waterline of an accumulation of trash from years past. This was done to make your boating experience a safer and more enjoyable one. Please respect our efforts to keep the property free of debris. Make sure you pick up after yourself and dump your trash in the Marina dumpster. No discharge of heads or holding tanks overboard into the marina waters. You are urged to use appropriate pumpout stations.

18. The Marina will not be responsible for trailers, boats, or personal belongings stored during the summer/ winter seasons.

19. A deposit valued at 50% of the contractual total is due before any boat space can be occupied. Boats coming in for winter storage must be available for hauling within 2 weeks of arrival. To minimize the possibility of fires, no electrical extension cords may be left plugged in, and the use of any type of heater is forbidden. All batteries MUST be removed or disconnected. If you are concerned about the well being of your batteries, please remove them or have them removed and stored by the Marina for a small fee.

20. Boat owners or outside contractors are not allowed to shrinkwrap boats on the Marina property. The Marina carries the necessary insurance to handle this and is fully equipped. All shrinkwrap MUST be properly disposed of in the RECYCLE DUMPSTER provided by the Marina.

21. Valet hours are as follows: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM. No boats will be launched from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM daily or during inclement weather which may include rain, thunder and lightning, high winds, or exceptional high tides. Anyone who chooses to return after the valet hours have ended, are responsible for their own haul out and can leave their trailered boat in the middle of the parking lot. Essex Marina will park it the next morning in its designated space.